HYDRACE COMPRESSOR OILS are a range of mineral based compressor lubricants that are zinc free and have been developed to meet the demands of modern rotary vane and rotary screw and reciprocating compressors.VG100 is also suited to Vaccum pumps. VG150 is suited to Hydrovanes.

HYDRACE COMPRESSOR OILS are manufactured from the highest quality Group II base oils and are fully inhibited to protect against rust, oxidation and foam development. Special anti-wear additive chemistry ensures excellent filterability, protection to silver components used in some pumps, demulsibility and hydrolytic stability.

Features and Benefits

The oil in a compressor operates at high temperatures (in the vicinity of 100°C) for long periods. It must possess high resistance to oxidation. As air always contains moisture the oil must resist emulsification with the water. Where high metal pressures are encountered, the oil must protect against scuffing and wear.


  • Excellent thermal and oxidation stability to reduce oxidation and the formation of acids and sludge particularly at high temperatures that could result in costly system cleaning.
  • Excellent rust protection giving cleaner oil, lasting longer, reducing wear and any filter blockages.
  • Superior demulsibility reducing the possibility of corrosion or poor lubrication and having to replace system components.
  • Superior antifoam characteristics
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