HYDRACE Hydraulic HVI fluids are supreme performance anti-wear hydraulic fluids, designed for use in hydraulic systems exposed to extreme mechanical stress and pressure and across a wide range of temperatures. HYDRACE Hydraulic HVI fluids are designed to provide exceptional protection and performance in service on both mobile plant equipment and systems operating under severe conditions where high levels of antiwear is required.

  • Excellent Wear and Sludge protection to hydraulic systems and components.
  • Superior Load Carrying and anti-wear performance, delivering improved pump life performance through reduced wear.
  • Effective wet and dry filterability, superior water separation, air-release and anti-foam properties ensure optimum protection of equipment and while enhancing the transfer of power from your hydraulic system and increasing filter and fluid life.
  • Thermal and Oxidative Stability, reduces potential for the formation of costly sludge and varnish which impact system performance and component life, ensuring you enjoy maximum system performance and reduced operational costs.
  • Increased corrosion protection for both iron and copper components, inhibits rust and corrosive wear leading to extended equipment life and lower overall costs.
  • Increased anti-foam properties ensure accelerated air release eliminating cavitation in the system resulting in elimination of oxidation to provide extended fluid life and pump damage reducing operational costs.
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