SUPERGREASE BLUE MULTIPURPOSE EP2 a premium, lithium complex lubricating grease. This multi-purpose lithium complex grease has a high dropping point in excess of 260°C, which insures retention where high temperatures are encountered. This product has been formulated with a special additive package which insures high film strength, extreme pressure (EP) and anti-wear properties. The high quality virgin base fluids provide excellent natural oxidation inhibition. This combined with effective anti-oxidants as well as corrosion inhibitors provide extra stability under storage and extreme service conditions.


SUPERGREASE BLUE MULTIPURPOSE EP2 is the prime recommendation for use in applications where high thermal resistance is required. These include automotive, industrial, mining, earthmoving and marine applications such as wheel bearings subjected to high PH: 1300 607 950 EMAIL: WEBSITE:

temperatures and load caused by repeated and high speed braking in particular on disc brakes, chassis, high speed ball and roller bearings, pre-packed and sealed for life bearings in several heavy industries, boat trailer wheel bearings, water pumps, winches etc. and other applications requiring grease lubrication. SUPERGREASE BLUE MULTIPURPOSE EP2 may be used where either soap based or clay based greases are recommended, particularly if rationalisation of grease types is required.

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